Three Ways to Enhance Your Freelance Career and Elevate Your Brand

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Freelancing is a multi-headed beast. It can be one that you ride to success in your field from a completely individual perspective, or it can be one that threatens to eat you and starve you away from the work you need. Of course, being a freelancer means taking both the bad and the good while making the best of both of them. Any freelancer knows that being ungrateful about your position right now is the quickest way for it to fall, because an entitled freelancer is one who neglects putting in the effort to sustain their status.

We know you are a functional and well deserving freelancer however, meaning that you are likely going to expand your operation in due time when you feel ready. To do so you will need to be armed with some tips that can truly help you elevate your platform. The following tips should help you achieve this:


It’s very important to pay attention to your reputation. This means treating every client like the only client you have, which can be difficult if you’re inundated with work. Staying available for contact during select times can allow you to truly prioritize work and communication, meaning both of them are seen to attentively. Setting up a VIP box alongside this for priority messages, or a mailbox with business address can help you apply the correct importance to certain incoming messages you need to read. Managing your reputation means watching everything you do closely, and always asking yourself how it reflects on your brand.

Two Is Better Than One

It might be that you find your work is so numerous that it’s impossible for you to meet the demand yourself. This is when binding ties to other freelancers can work in your favor, and before long you might even establish a business out of the partnered work you do together. Connecting with freelancing circles through Reddit, paywall communities and even social media groups can connect you with people.

So can hiring freelancers yourself to test their work. Just like pitching for a job, pitching to share the load with another quality and reliable freelancer can help you both earn more money and gain access to clients you otherwise might have not. This is excellent if you have different strengths and weaknesses that complement each other. For example, a graphic designer might join forces with a competent illustrator, and the work of them both combined could equal something great than they could have achieved individually.

Do Work You Love and Grow

The whole point of freelancing is that you have a skill you believe marketable and that you would enjoy taking the risks of an unsecured job to monetize from. This means doing work you love is essential to being happy as a freelancer. It also is the only way you could ever expect to grow. For this reason, it’s important only to take on the jobs that mean something to you (to the extent that you can,) and diversify in regions that make you feel more wholesome to be completing the tasks that you are. This way a testy client, a difficult stint of no work, or completely shifting your focus become that little bit more palatable.

With these tips, your freelancing career is sure to take on new life.

*This post contains affiliate links. Any opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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