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Rebecca is a book coach and editor. She guides aspiring writers, coaches, entrepreneurs and speakers to become self-published authors so they share their expertise, knowledge and passion. Thinking about writing a book? Contact her today to start writing your book.

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Word of the Day – inert

This first word of the day will introduce my new page, "Word of the Day" A word will be posted daily and will tell you the novel it came from most likely it will be one that I am reading.    inert - (adj). 1. Not able to move or act. 2. Slow to move or act: sluggish. Happy Reading! 

Northern Lights Book Review

  I was hooked on the first page as the characters came alive in Lunacy, Alaska.  Northern Lights by Nora Roberts is one very exciting story. So many of Roberts books are about women and how they turn their lives into something everyone would be proud to be.  Just as easily some of her main characters have been men and they accomplish the same feat as the women.  Nate Burke is the main character in Northern Lights. A former Baltimore cop, who watched his partner die in the line of business, and feeling partly responsible for his death takes a job as chief of police in a town in Alaska. While creating a life for himself he meets many fine townspeople and falls in love with Meg Gallawoy, a hard headed young woman who is more comfortable doing things her own way. Nestled in this small Alaskan town of Lunacy, where

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A Social Network for Book Lovers

  As a writer I am also an avid reader, but as my book collection continues to grow I needed a way to keep them at my fingertips for easy reference. Making that wish come true is LibraryThing. This is an online library catalog where I can keep track of all my books and share them with my readers. LibraryThing allows you to catalog up to 200 of your books for free.   You register (easy) put in your personal books (very easy) catalog (or tag) and review them as you see fit, take a look at your graphic bookshelf and see who shares your interests. You can also; Check your bookshelf quickly and easily from your mobile phone Post you own book reviews and share in group discussions View your library as a list or with book covers Link to your blog and share your library with all your

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Funeral for a Friend

At first when you hear it, it sounds like glass crunching under boots, crunch, crunch, crunch, only it doesn't go away and you fear the worst. Then it stops and you breathe a sigh of relief. You won't know it at this point, but the next key that is pushed is the deadliest move ever. The computer screen goes black and white text appears, it reads; Physical dump of hard drive is in progress. You find yourself staring at the screen in a panic and thinking Oh no! this can't be happening. You begin to wonder when was the last time that you actually backed up the computer?  Text appears on the screen and you're praying everything has fixed itself and life will return to normal, instead the text on the screen reads; Physical dump of hard drive is complete. You turn it off, then on again and now you're just hoping much

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Free e-book of Love Stories

Dear Reader,                                                                         I have a special gift that I would like to share with you in this month of romance and love. My short story is in an e-book titled Love is in the Air.  This story is titled Dad's Tips on Love and Marriage and is among a collection of short stories and relationship advice. Find out what advice this father gives to his son as his wedding day approaches when you download the free ebook at www.thewriterslife.homestead.com/loveisintheair.html I am proud to have worked with so many excellent co-authors on this ebook.  We are all members of an online writing group. The Writersville Gang is where authors of all genres talk about book promotion and their writing. It is a good place to practice your writing skills, get advice and feedback from postings of your work. Members of this group if they chose can be a part of publishing free ebooks throughout the year. Check out

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One Thank You at a Time

Hello World, Thank You! Two words that when said can really be heartfelt and appreciated by those on the receiving end. Have you ever thought about how many times a day you could say thank you? Have you tried it recently? When paying for your groceries, when the waitress/waiter brings your dinner, when someone opens a door for you, or does something nice for you, say it loud and clear, Thank You.  A thank you expresses to that person that you recognize their hard work and effort. Let’s all work on saying those two precious words to the members of our family. For the small things they do and the big things too. Each one of these helpful things helps to make our day a lot easier. Notice it, embrace it, appreciate it, remember it and acknowledge it with a Thank You! Maybe we can make the world or at

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