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Is Your Ghost Holy? – Author Interview – Shay Bills

Paperback Writer is pleased to introduce our author for today, Author Shay Bills, author of Is Your Ghost Holy? She joins us on her virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion. SYNOPSISDiscover how His Word shatters residue of doubt and uncertainty. Learn how to walk in the POWER of the Holy Ghost, by applying the WORD of God and trusting His promises. His Holy Spirit will awaken and reveal the hidden crevasses of your heart, mind and soul and fill you with His wisdom. Called by some, “a spiritual journey,” Bills’ leaves no stone unturned when removing the superficial layers of spirituality. Once read, you will walk boldly and confidently in the knowledge that your inner man is holy, therefore, you are called to holiness, according to Scripture. From uncovering Truth, to understanding your Purpose, you will conclude this book having gained more wisdom, knowledge and power of

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