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Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things to Know About The 19th Element

My new novel, The 19th Element, A James Becker Thriller, is stuffed full of information, action and excitement. Today I thought I'd share a few fun facts with you. 1) The main character in the book is James "Beck" Becker – retired from clandestine Military Intelligence Operations and returned to his childhood hometown. 2) His wife, Beth, is a retired CIA encryption/decryption specialist – aka, a code-cracker. 3) Beck is grateful to have the able assistance of his enigmatic American Indian companion, Bull. No one knows Bull's true background. But he sure knows a lot about explosives. 4) An al Qaeda-backed terror cell plans to attack the Prairie River Nuclear Generating Plant near Beck's hometown of Red Wing, Minnesota. The terrorists will be employing an unusual explosive in the attack – elemental potassium. 5) The terror cell in the book has only a single Muslim member. The remainder of the

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