Author Interviews Coming To ChitChat

Chitchat and all that is pleased to announce our first author interview with Scott Zema on Friday, September 21, 2007. Scott is the author of Three Steps to Investment Succes: Buying The Right Art, Antiques, and Collectibles. Scott is a long time professional art, antiques and collectibles appraiser, certified and highly experienced in the sale of art, antiques, and collectibles as well as their appraisal. Coincidentally, this is Scott's first virtual book tour with Pump Up You Book Promotion Virtual Book Tours! Pump Up Your Book Promotion is an online PR agency that host virtual book tour for authors. Dorothy Thompson is founder/CEo of Pump Up Your Book Promtion Virtual Book Tours. You can find her site at I look forward to everyone reading the interview on Friday.

You’ll Never Know Where Your Writing Will Show Up!

  Earlier this year I was so very proud to have worked with my online writers group and cowrote a free e-book.  Just in time for a Valentine's Day Release it was called Love is in the Air, A Dazzling collection of Love Stories and Love Advice for the Romantic in you. My short story is titled Dad's Tips on Love and Marriage (5 Answers to Those Questions a Woman Asks in Marriage). (See earlier post on February 15, 2007) It was available for a free download through the Writersville site.  It seems that this free Valentine's day e-book has been found floating around cyberspace and has been located on the following site This is the Self Help Supersite, it is all about Love Relationships. There is a introduction and a description in the post for the free e-book. "I'm really excited about this eBook," says Dorothy Thompson, editor

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Writer’s Block

Have you ever been a victim of writers block? In the Freelance Writer's Bible, Your Guide to a Profitable Writing Career within One Year by David Trottier a single chapter is devoted to discussing writers block. I'll list a few of them here, but you just have to read the book to find out the entire list. At the end of this chapter my reaction was, "Is that all that's wrong with me." Once I was able to identify what has kept me from writing it didn't seem to be such a big monster after all. Since coming to terms with all those little nagging reasons not to write, now the ideas seem to flow much easier. No longer is it a struggle for me to make the time to write. David Trottier's 10 of his 17 Reasons for Writers Block 1.  Procrastination or scribaphobia (fear of writing) 2.  Comparing

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20 Ways to Avoid Writing

1. Weed the garden 2. Go shopping 3. Clean the house and if it doesn’t pass the white glove treatment go back and clean  some more 4. Take the dogs for a walk 5. Organize your closets 6. Go shopping 7. Re-arrange the furniture 8. Learn something new, like knitting 9. Clean the bathroom 10. Water the plants 11. Repot the plants 12. Paint the rooms in the house 13. Organize your garage 14. Reseed the grass 15. Buy a puppy 16. Read a book 17. Walk away from the computer for hours, days, weeks at a time 18. Organize your file cabinet 19. Watch TV 20. Take a nap!

Reasons Why People Don’t Read

How many books have you read this year? Do you remember the last book you read and what it was about? If you asked yourself or even your friends would any of their answers match the ones in this list?     I'm Addicted to the television. I read all my text messages on my cell phone. It's easier to search for a movie, then searching for a book. I have to much else to do and I don't like sitting still. I am a very slow reader and I don't like looking up words in the dictionary. Reading a book without pictures is no fun. Reading reminds me of when I was in school and I couldn't wait to get out of there. I have a small place and there is no room for books. When I retire I'll have time to read. I feel overwhelmed in a bookstore and

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