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A Love of Words and Persistence Turns into the Book Nowhere AZ

About Nowhere AZ [caption id="attachment_2695" align="alignright" width="192"] Nowhere AZ[/caption]   “Always going somewhere. Never getting anywhere.” Negative energy haunts the nameless Narrator, who’s been on the run for twelve years. A convicted killer on the loose, he has no one left to rely on and no place to call home, so he heads west. “Those who will remember will say it’s all my fault.” He has no control of what he’s capable of and does his best to avoid any type of confrontation at all costs. Words are said, things are done. Friends turn into enemies. “They call me a monster.” Just as he’s about to reach his destination, his past starts catching up quickly. Publisher: CreateSpace, Sept. 30, 2012 ISBN: 978-1478352969 Category: Thriller/Suspense/Mystery Tour Dates: January, 2014 Available in: Print & ebook, 149 pages Guest Post from Chris Nunley I originally wanted to write Nowhere, AZ as a screenplay,

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