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Closet Words – Powerful and Penetrating Words from the Stillness of a Pray Closet

Closet Words Book Tour
[caption id="attachment_2588" align="alignright" width="200"] Closet Words Book Tour[/caption] From the Inside Flap Taken word for word as heard from God, Closet Words is a collection of powerful and penetrating words written down in the stillness of a prayer closet. Hearing from God for several years, Kim Hilton began writing down what she heard. Encouraging, uplifting, and challenging words with a clear message to His servants, Closet Words gives a renewal and refreshing word to the Christian believer. From the Back Cover "As the leopard moves quickly in the jungle awaiting its prey so the evil one is lurking around waiting for the moment to devour you.  The spirit is deep within you.  Do you have your shield to deceive the one who is looking for you?  Is your armor in place?  Have you prepared for the battle?  The battle is not for the weak but for the strong.  Only those

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