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Paperback Writer Chats with Bud Bradshaw author of RIVERWALKER

Our guest today is Bud Bradshaw, author of RIVERWALKER a thriller/mystery with some paranormal activity. In his candid interview Bud share with us his writing technique, his characters and the road to publication. Bud will be on book tour with Pump Up Your Book throughout September and October. You can find Bud Bradshaw at his website   [caption id="attachment_2149" align="alignright" width="242"] RIVERWALKER Book Tour[/caption] About RIVERWALKER RIVERWALKER features the character debut of San Antonio PD veteran detective Gifford Holloway, a former Special Agent with Army Intelligence.  Holloway is in pursuit of the most despicable of criminals, a savage murderer who victimizes children and dumps their remains in the water and along the banks of San Antonio’s beautiful and world-renowned Riverwalk attraction. Frustrated at the lack of progress on the case and spurred on by an encounter with the mysterious Madame Candelaria, a local psychic, Holloway contemplates calling upon his

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