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Dark Lullaby Book Review

By Rebecca Camarena Enough scare factor to keep me on the edge of my seat, without being bloody gory or too paranormal for reason. In Dark Lullaby, author Mayra Calvani has successfully managed to combine many aspects in her novel; thriller, paranormal, mystery and romance. Gabriel Diaz, the main character is an Astrophysicist that believes in the higher good and that everything can be explained by science and logic. Or so he thinks. A chance encounter with a strikingly beautiful young woman lures him to her in an almost spell bound way and Gabriel’s thinking and world begins to unravel. Worried about his twin sister and the impending birth of her child and yet against his better judgment he follows Kamilah half way around the world to her hometown of Rize, Turkey. There Gabriel and Kamilah continue their love affair even as Gabriel gets sick and strange things begin to

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Featured Author Mayra Calvani

Today, at Chitchat we have Mayra Calvani, horror fiction author and we are here to talk about her latest book, Dark Lullaby. Mayra writes non-fiction and fiction in a variety of genres—horror, paranormal, satire, mystery, literary fantasy, and children’s.    Mayra, thanks for joining us at Chitchat, that’s quite an impressive list of genres. Is there anything that you do that allows you to switch writing between genres? Actually ‘switching modes’ is the key phrase here, but it happens pretty much automatically. I could never write in only one genre. Many things inspire me and I write what I love. When I write children’s stories it’s as if a switch turns on and I’m in my children’s writer mode. When I write horror, the horror switch turns on, and so on with the other genres. I love the idea of being a multifaceted author and don’t really care about branding

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