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Four Rescue Special Need Dogs, One Women and Lots of Love

Real Dogs Don't Whisper
[caption id="attachment_2563" align="alignright" width="223"] Real Dogs Don't Whisper[/caption] One might ask; how on Earth did you arrive with four dogs having special needs and how they have impacted my life?  First, I had no idea that four dogs with special needs would be entering my life it was all by chance.  I did not go out looking for them or decided one day that I was going to rescue them.  It just happened unexpectedly. They each came to me during random times; upon learning of their condition(s), I did not turn them away. I knew in my heart that God had a plan for me, not sure what it was, just knew these four came into my life for a reason. The impact they have made in my life has been insightful, astounding and humbling to say the least.  I often say, it wasn’t I that rescued them, it was

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