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Ghostwriting: An Essential Guide

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When people think of the career of a writer, they tend to imagine a world of bylines, uncovering your own stories, and constant publicity for your own work. While this is true of some writing careers, there is an element of writing work that tends to be underestimated: ghostwriting. If you’re contemplating a writing career, or looking to further the one you already have, then ghostwriting is a subject you’re going to want to learn more about. Below are the most common questions people have regarding ghostwriting-- as well as the answers you need to set your career on the right track. What is ghostwriting? Ghostwriting is writing as you normally would, but not under your own name. You don’t receive a byline for the articles you produce; in fact, the article may appear under another person’s name entirely. For example, say someone is an expert lawyer, with a wealth

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