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The Sky’s Not Falling – Holly Fretwell

Today, at Paperback Writer we have children's book author and natural resources policy expert, Holy Fretwell.  Holly is an adjunct professor at Montana State University, and is a research fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center. You can visit her publisher's website at atural resources policy expert, Holly Fretwell.  THE SKY'S NOT FALLING SYNOPSIS: School has started. Unfortunately, right along with it comes the usual indoctrination about the "threat" of global warming. Perhaps your kids are already saying… "I'm scared that every time I ride in the car, I'm hurting polar bears and other animals.""I'm afraid that people just like me are causing global warming.""I'm afraid that my favorite outdoor places are going to disappear."Holly Fretwell, adjunct professor at Montana State University, mom of 2, natural resources allocation expert and author of The Sky's NOT Falling! Why It's OK To Chill About Global Warming (ISBN 0976726947, Kids Ahead,

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