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Seven Things about Head Games

Readers often ask me: Is HEAD GAMES autobiographical? Here are seven answers.  Yes and No. Like my protagonist, Lisa, I am asking “Who am I?” Unlike her, my life isn’t a thriller with a neat beginning, middle, and end. I’m muddling through life. Lisa ends up knowing who she is. I’m still searching.  Yes and No. Like Lisa, I’ve met men who tried to play God and shape me in their image, who told me who I should be, what I should do. Unlike Lisa, I gave them the boot.  No. Lisa falls for a spiritualist who uses her to channel his lost sister. She is a natural medium. Unlike Lisa, I’m suspicious of spiritualists and séances. I doubt anyone can put me into a trance!  Yes. Lisa loves to play scenes in her head, and that’s part of her trouble. She needs a reality check. I love to play

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