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Gateway to Everywhere: A Love Story as Big as California Book Spotlight and Excerpt

Finalist in the Book Excellence Contest and Eric Hoffer 2017 Book Awards [embed][/embed]   Blue Ink Book Review - “Ernest Frankel's colossal novel, Gateway to Everywhere, opens during China's Boxer Rebellion and ends with Pancho Villa's Mexican guerillas. In between, readers will find absorbing entertainment. The story rapidly unfolds over the decade-¬plus timeline. There's constant conflict--man vs. nature, man vs. man, man vs. self. Descriptions are thoroughly colorful, whether in China, at sea, or in the desert. Frankel's 600-¬plus-page saga is reminiscent of Ferber's Giant or Michener's Hawaii--a highly readable adventure from a rollicking period of American history." Midwest Book Review - "A riveting read from cover to cover, author Ernest Frankel deftly interweaves history and fiction. “Gateway to Everywhere" reveals this author's impressive flair for originality and exceptional storytelling skills…very highly recommended, especially for community library General Fiction collections." -- Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch: James A. Cox,

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