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Historical Fiction Novel too Closely Resembles Modern Day Politics, Corporate Corruption, Economic Greed

Sometimes, we don't always get what we want. At least, not right away. Meet a heroine who lost it all - family, friends and her life at she knew it. However, she decides to do battle against her enemy for a chance to regain what was once hers. Book Synopsis – The Northeast Quarter   Do you want revenge or do you want your land back?” Winfield, Iowa. 1918. Colonel Wallace Carson, the ruler of a vast agricultural empire, asks Ann Hardy, his ten-year-old granddaughter, and eventual heir, to promise she will safeguard The Northeast Quarter, the choice piece of land from which the empire was founded.  Ann readily accepts – little knowing what awaits her.  When The Colonel is killed unexpectedly the same afternoon, the world around Ann and her family begins to fall apart. Against the background of America sliding from a post-war boom into The Great Depression,

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