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Four Rescue Special Need Dogs, One Women and Lots of Love

Real Dogs Don't Whisper
[caption id="attachment_2563" align="alignright" width="223"] Real Dogs Don't Whisper[/caption] One might ask; how on Earth did you arrive with four dogs having special needs and how they have impacted my life?  First, I had no idea that four dogs with special needs would be entering my life it was all by chance.  I did not go out looking for them or decided one day that I was going to rescue them.  It just happened unexpectedly. They each came to me during random times; upon learning of their condition(s), I did not turn them away. I knew in my heart that God had a plan for me, not sure what it was, just knew these four came into my life for a reason. The impact they have made in my life has been insightful, astounding and humbling to say the least.  I often say, it wasn’t I that rescued them, it was

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Real Dogs Don’t Whisper – Author Interview – Kelly Preston

[caption id="attachment_2191" align="alignright" width="223"] Real Dogs Don't Whisper[/caption] Do you believe in second chances? Real Dogs Don't Whisper book is about second chances and miracles. Read about four rescue dogs that were ready to be given up on because they have special needs; they teach their human about life, love, and hope. Kelly Preston, co-author of a newly published book, “Real Dogs Don’t Whisper”. Her co-author is Mr. MaGoo; he is a larger than life dog and has a lot to say. Meet her family like no other: Kelly, Mr. MaGoo, Buffy, Carla Mae, and Betty Boop. A girl, her two Lhasa Apsos, one Cocker Spaniel, and one adorable mutt – each with their own challenging set of difficulties to overcome. One puppy has serious neurological disorders and is blind. Two were severely abused. All are on a journey of discovery. Together, learning love and patience along the way, perhaps

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