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Author Interview – Camille Marchetta – The River, By Moonlight

  Paperback Writer is pleased to announce our author interview with Camille Marchetta, author of The River, By Moonlight. This is Camille's first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion. The River, By Moonlight Synopsis: ON A RAINY APRIL NIGHT in 1917, a passing vagrant sees a young woman fall (or is it jump?) into New York City’s Hudson River. He tries to save her, but fails. The police tentatively identify the woman as Lily Canning, twenty-five years old, from Minuit, a town in the Hudson Valley. But is it Lily? The question torments her mother, Henrietta, as she awaits confirmation. And when it comes, even more anguishing questions arise, for neither accident nor suicide makes sense. Lily could swim like a fish, and with her looks, and wealth, and talent, with an exhibition of her paintings about to open at a prestigious New York gallery, she had everything

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Author Interview – Aram Schefrin

 Marwan: The Autobiography of a 911 Terrorist Synopsis: An Egyptian city planner, a timid Saudi pilot, a boy from the United Arab Emirates who worshipped sex, not Allah, and a young Lebanese student who had gone to a Christian school: How did these very different men with very different ideas come to fly the 9/11 planes? How did the plot develop, and who developed it? "Marwan," a novel by Aram Schefrin, is a taut, well-paced exploration of a key episode in contemporary history. It is suspenseful, illuminating, and brilliantly balanced between the compelling narration of known facts - from the group's first coming together in Hamburg, Germany, to the moments before the jets they were to hijack took off - and an imaginative response to unanswered questions.  Hi Aram,   Welcome to Paperback Writer   Q. Will you share with us how you came up with the idea for this book?    After

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