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Book Spotlight – John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty

Join Ben Gilmore, spokesperson for the late, Mary-Elaine Swanson, author of John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty (Nordskog Publishing, May 2012) as they virtually tours the blogosphere from June 4th – 29th, 2012 on their first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!   [caption id="attachment_2099" align="aligncenter" width="300"] John Locke Book tour[/caption] About Mary-Elaine Swanson and Ben Gilmore Mary-Elaine Swanson was a great lady and excellent scholar. She aptly and well represents America’s Christian history to the present age. Associated with the Christian history movement spearheaded by Verna M. Hall and Rosalie J. Slater of the Foundation for American Christian Education, Mrs. Swanson also conducted research and wrote for Marshall Foster’s Mayflower Institute, and later for James B. Rose’s American Christian History Institute. Ms. Swanson went to be with the Lord in May 2011. Visit Nordskog Publishing at to learn more about Ms. Swanson and her book. Spokesperson:

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West Oversea: A Norse Saga of Mystery, Adventur and Faith – by author Lars Walker

[caption id="attachment_1286" align="alignleft" width="202" caption="click on the book cover to purchase"][/caption] Join Lars Walker, author of the Christian Norse adventure novel, West Oversea: A Norse Saga of Mystery, Adventure and Faith (Nordskog Publishing, Inc.), as he virtually tours the blogosphere in October on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book. About Lars Walker Lars (pronounced Larce) Walker is a native of Kenyon, Minnesota, and lives in Minneapolis. He has worked as a crabmeat packer in Alaska, a radio announcer, a church secretary and an administrative assistant, and is presently librarian and bookstore manager for the schools of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations in Plymouth, Minnesota. He is the author of four previously published novels, and is the editor of the journal of the Georg Sverdrup Society. Walker says, “I never believed that God gave me whatever gifts I have in order to entertain fellow Christians. I

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