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Six Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

One thing you should never stop doing as an entrepreneur is learning. As they say, knowledge is power! While you are likely to be a bit short on time, fitting in a few hours here and there to read a book comes highly recommended, especially when it is for the benefit of your business. If you don’t know where to start, read on to discover some of the best books for entrepreneurs. “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World” – Cal Newport This is an incredibly interesting read that has been put together by the blog author of Study Hacks and Georgetown professor, Cal Newport. In this book, Cal turns the idea of talent on its head. He looks at why it is becoming increasingly rare to focus without distraction, and why this is so cognitively demanding. He likens deep work to a super power, and enlightens

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Time Management Tips For Writers – finding time to write during the holidays

Three Simple Ways to Find Time to Write during the Holiday Season! Christmas! what a beautiful time of year, but also a hectic time of year with all the extra things that are required of one to get ready for the big day. Shopping, wrapping, extra errands and holiday parties can certainly cut into writing time. Exhausted from all this and still the big question remains, How am I supposed to find time to write? If you're a writer and use a computer the internet has to be your friend. If it isn't get used to it, because it's not  going away anytime soon. Online shopping it a great way to save time, wear and tear on the car and free up some time to continue writing. If you shop early and order your gifts early usually before the 2nd week of December some places even have free shipping. Learn

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