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Hunter Cassells – Book Spotlight – With Friends Like These

With Friends Like These
"Best Book I've Read In Years"- Earle Drake   [caption id="attachment_2664" align="alignright" width="187"] With Friends Like These[/caption] Book Description:   Title: With Friends Like These Author: L. Hunter Cassells Publisher: Amazon (November 24, 2012) Category: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Tour Date: November, 2013 Available in: ebook,107 Pages Purchase: Amazon   Callie Walking is a freelance mage who solves supernatural problems. When a troubled client hires her to protect him from a "vampire" she casts the appropriate spells and positions the usual amulets. Now, something has gone terribly wrong. Her client has turned up dead and drained of all his blood. The cops say it's suicide, but Callie knows better.  Now she is on a mission to find out what went wrong. In her search, she uncovers an ancient, long-hidden power. It challenges Callie's deepest beliefs about right and wrong, good and evil. She knows her life will be forever changed... if

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