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The Sitting Swing – Author Interview – Irene Watson

Paperback Writer is pleased to announce our guest author today. Join Irene Watson, author of the memoir, The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference (Loving Healing Press, Aug. '08). Read on and find out how she came up with the idea for her book.    About the Book: Irene Watson's pretentious life could go no further until she faced her past. Her moving and inspiring memoir begins at the end, in a recovery center, where she has gone to understand a childhood fraught with abuse, guilt and uncertainty. Her powerful story is a testament that it’s never too late to change your life, never too late to heal. The Sitting Swing shows us how guilt, fear and ignorance are borne by our children. Two distinct parts of the book look at an abusive child rearing and the process of recovery that takes place years later. On many levels

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The Joy of Pregnancy – Author Interview – Tori Kropp

    Our guest author today at Paperback Writer is Tori Kropp. Tori is the author of the parenting and pregnancy book, The Joy of Pregnancy (Harvard Common Press, April '08), and is on a virtual book tours with Pump Up Your Book Promotion!   She is the author of The Joy of Pregnancy, The Complete, Candid and Reassuring Companion for Parents-To-Be. The book celebrates the wonder and delight of expecting a baby. Tori offers the sound advice of a medical professional and parent in the voice of a trusted friend. She is also the founder of two companies in San Francisco , PillowTalk®, Modern Childbirth Education, and Wild Wild Web, Inc. which created the website, Stork Site® in 1995. was discontinued in 1999 by and her newest venture, continues with the uniqueness of a true Internet community. You can visit her website at   About

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The Originals – Author Interview – William Hay

  Paperback Writer is please to announce today's author William Hay, author of The Originals, a military historical fiction novels. This is his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion.   THE ORIGINALS SYNOPSIS: The Originals is the story of the Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry through the eyes of William Dawson, a Canadian-born, Boer War veteran, at the outset of the First World War. He enlists with the newly formed Princess Pats’ recruiting only veterans and ex-regular soldiers. For Canadians, the Patricias epitomize the strong imperialist feelings still prevalent in some corners of the young nation, but for the British Army, they are experienced, battle hardened soldiers; rare jewels among the sea of untrained civilians flooding the recruiting offices. When the Patricias arrive on the frontline in the winter of 1915, the Great War is in its infancy; trench warfare still at its most primitive stage. It is during

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