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The Lens of Grace by Kim Hilton Author of Closet Words

Closet Words Book Tour
[caption id="attachment_2588" align="alignright" width="200"] Closet Words Book Tour[/caption] The eyes are windows to the soul.  As fast as a blink moistens and changes the lens, I see pain quickly hide within her emerald eyes. I gaze deep, searching - knowing for a moment I had seen the true soul. The past child, the one horror robbed from happiness without permission.  The day choice forgot to arrive, the day fear was called without request. In one blink her eyes revealed and ran.  She is the same as us; the secret keepers, the pain hiders. The ones who run from memories to not remember while playing the tape to never forget. She is my sister and is a member of our club. We are the survivors.  I have another sister, the oldest of us all. One who has struggled with forgiveness; the one who judges quickly from all her lens has focused

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